Month: March 2009


Yes, ok, I give in… I’m on Twitter now too.

I’m still not exactly sure how I’ll put it to use, but I promise I won’t bore people with the sort of “mmm I feel like more coffee” posts that drive ME insane. It certainly was nice to be able to go back and track audience reaction to “Tiny Spaceship” when it screened in Seattle.. I knew some of that tech-savvy crowd would be live-tweeting from the film festival… It was nice to see that feedback, AND be able to respond directly to some of it… This is the way to build a fanbase around nearly anything – a film, a TV show, a person etc. Maybe I’ll even use it to remind people that:

Wednesdays always mean a new Ask A Punk post,


Thursdays always mean a new LA CARTOON.

No news on my spec “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” I continue to wait and wonder as invisible wheels turn (we think)… but the sun is shining and I have an ipod full of punk rock to keep me busy, not to mention the fact that the water temperatures are warming up in SM bay….. cowabunga.



Surviving Saint Patrick.

Don’t get me started. With a name like mine (and a middle name of: “Patrick”) I get plenty of good-tidings wished my way on the 17th of March. I appreciate them all, even if all I did this year was watch THE QUIET MAN and go to bed early.

Little to report. I’m launching ‘The Tiny Spaceship’ off to several more film festivals this week after having such a good experience in Seattle. Writing-wise, another one of my contest-winning scripts “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” is finally getting some readers and fans around town… and no I won’t be posting it here any time soon – I’m trying to SELL this one.

and folks have been clamoring so – here’s another “Tom or O’Connor” …or both picture… taken in my grandfather’s hometown of Dingle, Co. Kerry.


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