Month: April 2009

Aloha and Mahalo

In spite of grim economic conditions, I managed to escape LA for a few days and now feel refreshed & recharged. Not much happened while I was gone, but I got confirmation that my ‘Tiny Spaceship’ submissions to five more film festivals are complete and accepted… now we just have to wait and see where we do/don’t get in. Meanwhile, I’ve spread the ASK A PUNK message to and have been reposting on their “Open Salon” platform. We’ll see how that goes. Also – the growing ‘Another LA Cartoon‘ readership continues to surprise me. Thanks to everyone who has been checking ALAC every Thursday. Aloha.



Batter Up !

Argh. Opening Day got rained out back at Fenway Park. I don’t think these sorts of things are ‘Bad Omens’ but after a long Winter’s wait, I was itching to see some hometown baseball. Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile back here in reality, well… L.A. reality anyway, I’m still waiting to hear on a few things… which is typical I know, but I’m not just sitting around staring at the phone. I’ve submitted ‘Tiny Spaceship’ to five more film festivals, in Atlanta, Austin, Milwuakee and Los Angeles and I’m finally making some real writing progress on my latest project – a spec pilot for a half hour single-camera “workplace comedy.”

A few people asked what the heck that picture was in the previous post. I thought it was fairly obvious but apparently I was wrong. So here goes: The original picture is from the ‘Planet OConnor’ header (above) which I have cartoon-ized using the same process I use for ‘Another LA Cartoon.’ I’ll be using that image as my ‘gravatar’ here on WordPress and elsewhere. It is also the image I’m using for my twitter feed etc. That’s all. No big mystery.

…and we’ll wrap this post up with another picture (submitted by a friend/fan) from the growing collection:


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