Month: May 2009

Thank you Canada.


The good folks at the Canadian Film Festival sent me this “official” jpg in honor of ROCK HARD, BIG DICK’S Top 10 showing in their screenwriting contest. I’m flattered. I could have also purchased (for $120 US Dollars) a lovely trophy, but that would be a bit to ostentatious for me…    But seriously folks, it IS nice to pick up another at least “near win” for this script of which I am very proud, and in a few weeks we’ll find out if it won yet another contest in which it is a “finalist.” …. we shall see.


Any port in a storm? … No, just one.

Not a lot of hard news to report although “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” is finally getting a few serious “reads” around town. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also finally getting off my ass and laying out some possible ideas for low-tech ‘Blunt Farce’ videos…

Meanwhile I have received reports that there is only one place in all of the United States named “O’Connor” …and that would be Port O’Connor Texas, named after Thomas M. O’Connor and is, quote:

“the Best Kept Secret on the Texas Gulf Coast. A real jewel between Galveston and Corpus Christi sporting the finest sportfishing, birding and gulf fun and activities.”


hmmm… might have to put this near the top of my ‘travel destinations’ list.

The latest news. NOT about swine flu.

Found out today that my comedy script “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” has once again risen to the top… well, nearly to the top. It is a ‘finalist’ in yet another Canadian writing contest… hmmm, maybe they just “get” me there. I think this is the sixth time this script has made it to the last round of a competition.

Ok, I lied. I have to say something about this Swine Flu: Everyone has to calm down.

HERE is a good sign for our times:


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