Month: June 2009

Level 3 and beyond.

Last night was the 8th and final meeting of the “Level 3” class I’ve been ghosting at my theater. As I said in the previous post – I have spent the past eight weeks watching a great teacher help a good batch of students grow by leaps and bounds. It is thrilling to watch… and it reminds me that I am the son of not one, but two people who spent their professional lives as school teachers. I’m starting to understand how they found such satisfaction in the act of teaching. The experience has also had another hoped for result: I am now almost looking forward to performing again. There is definitely a “put your money where your mouth is” vibe, and a well-deserved one, coming from the students, many of them experienced actors or comedians in their own right… Most of them have never seen me on-stage practicing what I preach improv-wise… and if they had seen me in the last year or so, they probably wouldn’t have taken my in-class ‘notes’ and insights all that seriously… but I’m here to tell ya that I’m on the comeback trail. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to “advancing” with this class to level 4, where I will continue my co-teaching/learning.

In other news. I finally, FINALLY sat down and added the production info etc to the ‘Tiny Spaceship’ page… They should get approved and posted in about week or so. Finally everyone who worked so hard on it will get at least some of the credit they deserve… and no, I haven’t heard from any of the film festivals yet… Those emails should start arriving over the next few months.

…and lastly, friends have pointed out that I was missing perhaps the most obvious “Tom Food”-related photo op in all of Los Angeles… so here it is:

POCtommyBurger…although I’ll be honest: I prefer a good In-and-Out Burger.


Teaching and Learning.

I’ve spent the past 2 months helping to teach a “level 3” improv class at bang. Improv theater/school here in town. It is no secret (to anyone who has seen me flopping around on-stage lately) that I’ve felt burnt out on performing for a little while… so these past several weeks have been a great reminder that the best way to re-ignite something inside of you is to help ignite it for the first time in someone else. Call it “giving back” call it what you want. All I know is that yet another ol’ cliche is true: I’m learning more from my students than I’m teaching them. Next week is the last class – I’ll be saying ‘thank-you’ an awful lot.

…and by day, the writing continues.


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