Month: December 2009

That pesky week between Christmas and New Year’s…

This time of year, Los Angeles always feels like a semi-deserted college town. The good news is that the traffic is almost tolerable and the freeways move at nearly freeway speed for most of the day. This is nice… but  a bit  dull.

I’m taking advantage of this lull and wrapping up the odd year of 2009 by trying to finish up some creative projects, while starting up some new ones that’ll carry me into the new year.

Of course 2009 wouldn’t be the ball-busting year it was if it didn’t try to get in a few more jabs… so in the past two weeks I have had to deal with both car repairs and computer repairs… two things that are always very frustrating (oh, and expensive.) but we soldier on. More details to come of course.

Meanwhile, another new picture for the “Tom” files.


Satori Galore

Planet O’Connor continues to spin through the cosmos. It has been a busy and productive month even though there has been little fundamental or profound change. Thanks to the help of some key friends, my script “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” is finally “getting read” by some people who might actually matter…all while it is simultaneously winding its way through a couple more screenwriting contests… but there won’t be any news on the contest results until well into the new year.

This past month has also found me happily collaborating with some creative pals on various projects (large and small) of theirs… which always makes me feel useful and also more connected to the creative realms.

I have also been working on new stories and material for ‘live’ shows and am hoping I’ll get invited to do another ‘Sit n Spin’ show in 2010, while also getting onto a couple of new stages. …as always it is all about saying “yes” to whatever the universe might put in front of you and always being open and ready for whatever bits of enlightenment might come next. Sounds a bit corny, I know…. but that doesn’t make it any less true. Also coming soon: I am gathering data for the upcoming (in early January) “2nd anniversary post” for ASK A PUNK….

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