Month: March 2010

Marching on!

I’ve been enjoying the month of March so far, partially because I have managed to crack a few new stages. I started the month at the delightful Story Salon at Coffee Fix in the valley, hosted by the amazing Beverly and last week I got to throw down a story at The MOTH at Busby’s… The Moth is a storytelling show/project that is spreading all over the country. It was a great time – about 100 people in the audience, great story tellers and a good vibe. They actually have judges and each story is ‘scored’…which was a little intimidating, but I managed to take second place, missing out on the win by just 0.2 points… I’ll be going back for sure. …plus: It looks like my Moth performance might have gotten me invited to yet another storytelling show, this one on the Eastside… details to follow when I know them.

Improv-wise I have been digging the weekly alumni jams at bang (where else?) and last weekend’s “S&BJ Day” show was, as expected a hilarious and debased good time. It always feels reassuring to have a run of a few good improv sets in a row… especially when I’m about to start teaching another “level 4” class next week.

Have a safe Saint Patrick’s Day everyone.


I saw Sandra Bullock win an award this weekend…. no, not that one.

OK, for various reasons I regularly attend the annual RAZZIE awards… and so on Saturday night I was there when Sandra Bullock showed up to collect her “Worst Actress Award.” She was funny & classy and I’m very glad she won that other award on Sunday night too.

Calendar updates.

Testing out the usefulness of my newly added “Calendar” feature…. click the link in the right-hand column to get a rundown of my upcoming shows… I remain disappointed that wordpress hasn’t yet created a seamless/integrated “Upcoming Events Calendar” for us faithful WP users…but this is at least a good temporary solution… using google calendar and a link… click on the items to see full details.

Thanks !

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