Month: July 2010

July already ?

My apologies to the folks who mostly keep track of my progress here. I’ve been remiss in keeping you updated lately. As always, I find myself weirdly busy and able to fill each day with some sort of activity/work/project. Hey… it certainly keeps me out of trouble.

In a typical example of one thing leading to another, last weekend I recorded a (new) story for a (new) podcast called “Story Worthy.” This came about because I did The MOTH a few months ago at Busby’s. Regular visitors to PlanetOC will recall that I came in 2nd place that evening… losing by just 0.2 points to a woman who had a very funny story from her days as a flight attendant… well, THAT woman is one of the co-creators of this new podcast, and thanks to a mutual friend of ours she contacted me and invited me to do a piece on her new show, proving once again that it pays to be magnanimous in defeat. They’re not quite up and running yet, but when they start posting episodes I’ll let everyone know. Should be pretty cool.

….but the big news is that Zodiac Thrillers will be back this year !!

Saturdays at 8pm in August at bang. of course. I’m very excited to bring the show back. All twelve teams are full of great players. I’ve lined up a piano player and I’ve got some great/weird/dumb astrological commentary to throw on top of it all. You don’t wanna miss it.


…I’ll show you a WARRIOR.

Here is my mom (age 45 in the picture) and me (age 22.) Every day of her life was more difficult than any day of mine has been. She taught me everything I know (and too often forget) about:

The perfect & fleeting grace of beautiful moments.

Never faltering in the face of danger or long odds.

Choosing to live each day with joy no matter how justified sadness might seem.

…and the Earth-moving power of a kind heart, good humor & a positive spirit.

She ruled. Your life would be a little bit better if you had known her.

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