Month: August 2010

Night of Champions.

It has been a busy month, although there has also been a lot of “hurry up and wait” as I wait to hear on a possible gig etc.  …but it has certainly been a good month.

The return of ZODIAC THRILLERS has been a complete success. The three ‘first round’ shows went great: We’ve had three packed houses. All 12 teams (of mostly strangers, remember) got together, found a connection and threw down some amazing feats of improv. The addition of Hope, our piano/keyboard player really added a great new layer to the sets too.

And of course THIS Saturday night (aug 28) will be the “Night of Champions” where the three weekly winners will come back to battle it out for final, supreme bragging rights… and it only happens once a year, like the Super Bowl.


A Thrilling Start !

The first week of ZODIAC THRILLERS was a blast. A Sell-out crowd got to see four great improv sets from four great teams… but in the end VIRGO won and will advance to the ‘Night of Champions’ on Aug. 28th. Pre-sales for next week’s show are already going strong, so guarantee your seat (and save yourself 2 bucks) by buying in advance online. Where? at the BANG WEBSITE of course.

In other news: Should have a couple more bookings for ‘spoken word’ shows around town by the end of the month.

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