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I’m also a director, editor & Film School survivor.

While you’re here, you can also watch my short film THE TINY SPACESHIP. It recently screened in Seattle as part of the Experience Music Project and Sci Fi Museum’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival and I’ll be entering it in some more festivals soon.

UPDATE: Nerd Dreams do come true! THE TINY SPACESHIP was screened at the Museum BL in Liestal, Switzerland, as part of a special science program called  “3, 2, 1…Start! Einmal Weltall und zurück,” an exhibition “about astronauts and the mysteries of the Universe.” That is pretty darn cool.


Here are a few production stills of my patient crew & fantastic actors.




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BLUNT FARCE is a still embryonic production wing of PlanetOC that also has its own YouTube channel. Basically these two pages function together to feature some of the “moving” content (video or animation etc) I have been and will be creating. I hope everyone visits the Youtube page directly too. Please subscribe! Leave comments! Share the links! I certainly like creating all these projects (otherwise I wouldn’t do them) but the real satisfaction comes in finding and building an audience for the work.

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