Directing + Acting

I’m also a director, editor & Film School survivor.

While you’re here, you can also watch my short film THE TINY SPACESHIP. I directed and co-edited the project after my original script won a contest that provided money for production. The film has screened in Seattle as part of the Experience Music Project and Sci-Fi Museum’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival and a few others.

UPDATE: Nerd Dreams do come true! THE TINY SPACESHIP was screened at the Museum BL in Liestal, Switzerland, as part of a special science program called  “3, 2, 1…Start! Einmal Weltall und zurück,” an exhibition “about astronauts and the mysteries of the Universe.” That is pretty darn cool.


Here are a few production stills of my patient crew & fantastic actors.



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Production & Acting

I still do production work whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’ve been known to direct a web series or a short film, hold a camera, maneuver a boom mike, slap together a surprisingly decent rough-cut, you name it, I’ve done it.

I am also available for commercial/theatrical acting gigs. While I’m non-union, I am represented by Esprit Talent Agency. So yes, I take acting gigs whenever I get the chance too, usually small roles in fun projects. No role too small. No wig too silly. If you’re looking for full commitment, I’m your guy. Here are a couple examples of shorts I’ve played a part in and my latest “reel”

“Come and Knock – The Other Ray Charles”


Tom OConnor REEL

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