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VBR box cover

Thanks to my extensive experience in re-writing and adapting badly translated Anime TV shows, I was hired to do the entire English language rewrite of “Victorious Boxers Revolution.” The game went on to become (at the time) the best-selling boxing game available for the Wii console. VBR is based on the wildly popular Anime TV show “Fighting Spirit” (which I also re-wrote several episodes of.)

At this point in time, writing for videogames (console, computer, MMOG & MMORPG) is becoming more and more interesting to me – full of fascinating challenges for any storyteller. I’m something of a gamer too. Even if I don’t have the copious spare time or the fast-twitch reflexes of the average 13 year old, if I’m stalking you in HALO, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Ippo Rules!

VBR Ippo

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