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I created and wrote the “Johnny Sorrow” story that appeared in (the now highly collectable) DC Comics Solo #12, the Brendan McCarthy issue. Brendan is a friend. He is also a multi-talented writer & illustrator who has done remarkable work in several mediums. You saw “Mad Max: Fury Road” right? He wrote it. He is weirdly brilliant in all the best ways one can be weirdly brilliant.

After contributing several pieces to the online version of McSweeney’s, including this compilation of quotes from my former Hollywood bosses, the good people of that empire invited me to contribute to their “best humor” compilation: Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans. Note: Buy the paperback. It is cheaper and there are more of my pieces in it.

I was a contributor & erstwhile fact checker for The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists.

….and like any self-respecting writer, I have several other projects (both fiction and non-fiction) in various stages of development and completion, so stay tuned.


L.A. Affairs met at the moviesWhile I do spend most of my time writing comedy & fiction of various kinds, The Los Angeles Times  ran a sweet, romantic and true story I wrote that explained  how I met my girlfriend at a movie theater here in LA.

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