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I make a lot of “content.” As a for-hire writer and multi-hyphenate, I admittedly have to make a lot of “creative decisions” that have more to do with budgets, pleasing the client or making a deadline than they have to do with actual creativity or inspiration. In theory, and according to the clients themselves, I’m hired to do these gigs because of my demonstrated creativity or “unique perspective” but in the end it always comes down to giving the client what they want.

This isn’t really a complaint, just an observation. On a lot of levels, I nearly always enjoy the give-and-take of working with other people and collaboratively generating something new into existence. In addition to all the re-writing, ghostwriting and punch-up work I’ve done, I’ve also worked with clients to create videos, still images, graphics, book covers, clothing, logos, posters, ‘zine layouts, websites and more. I’m just not always fully satisfied with the results because the collaborative process always involves a lot of mutual compromise, if you’re doing correctly.

I’m not claiming to be a great, skilled or accomplished “artist” of any kind, or even especially well-trained. I’m just saying I’m a practicing artist, and have been since my early Punk Rock / DIY days in the 80s. I have a definite Point of View and an always developing aesthetic. I commit some time, every day, to making, writing or building something just to scratch my own creative itches and, admittedly, I’m not always fully satisfied with those results either, but at least they’re mine.

Some of these creative outlets are already mentioned elsewhere on this website, like my weekly Another LA Cartoon project, which I’ve been doing every Thursday since January 2009. As with all ongoing projects with a self-imposed deadline, some panels are pretty mundane, but a certain percentage of them are pretty solid. There is also my alternative Instagram feed, which involves a lot of collaging, abstraction, neo-DaDa-ism and remixing of the things I find on my deep dives into the Public Domain. …and stay tuned for various video & audio projects.

I SELL some of my graphics & images on T-shirts and other products Here and Here.

Buy something and let me know you liked it.


As the COVID pandemic continued to grind on in late 2021, I started, for the first time, to submit my work to galleries and exhibitions. So far the response has been encouraging:


FLAGLER COUNTY ART LEAGUE – Palm Coast FL – “Picture This” Photography Show


LAS LAGUNA ART GALLERY – Laguna CA – “The Second Half” show.


SHOEBOX ARTS GALLERY – Los Angeles CA – “That’s Effin’ Funny” show.

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