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Launched in January 2008, my advice blog “Ask A Punk” quickly developed a devoted cadre of loyal readers, all of whom I’m very thankful for. I would put up at least one new post per week – always on Wednesdays, and sometimes I would sneak in an extra post if I got a compelling or urgent question. Even though AAP is on an extended hiatus, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Check it out. Ask a question. Here is what I said about the blog in an interview, which pretty much explains it:

” I think there are more than enough naval-gazing online diaries, record review blogs and hipster newsletters out there, I didn’t see the need to create yet another one… so I decided to take on the “advice” angle. These are serious times and I think that Generations X, Y and Z have bigger questions now than just ‘What is or isn’t punk?’ I wanted to create something with a Punk Rock sensibility that addressed those sorts of concerns. No topic is off-limits. My wildest years might be behind me, but I think I can come with a strong and reasoned opinion on most issues…and when I can’t, well, that’s what research is for. My punk bands were as numerous as they were awful & forgettable, but the concepts of self-sufficiency, DIY, supporting your community and living within (or below) your means took hold and have never let go.”


Ask A Punk is on indefinite hiatus. The site is still up and the entire archive is there for you to read & enjoy, and of course the eBook is still for sale wherever fine eBooks are available. I just need to take a break.


AAPv1_Ebook_amznProud to announce the publication of my first ebook: ASK A PUNK volume 1. In it you’ll find the best of the 1st year of AAP posts, which are no longer available on the website. Created & distributed by, and available on Smashwords and wherever fine electronic books are sold including: Amazon, iTunes BooksBarnes & Noble online and Kobo. Buy it now. Write a review. You know the drill. Thank you!



Ask A Punk RETURNS! With a newly revamped website and hopefully just the first of many “ebooks” I will be relaunching the website as soon as the ebook is ready for distribution to every eReading device known to man. I have been pleasantly surprised to see the on purpose web traffic to Ask A Punk holding steady in spite of my putting it on hiatus (for several legit reasons.) So now that things have settled down I will be relaunching it with a few new added features and to make the occasion my 1st ebook. I haven’t really started gearing up the necessary self-promotion yet, but you can visit the new website now, tell me what you think and, of course, submit a question or two.


After over 180 weekly posts  (not one missed deadline!) I have put the Ask A Punk advice blog on “Active Hiatus” for various reasons that are all explained on the AAP website itself. The site will remain up, running and open to the public, but weekly posts have been indefinitely suspended. If you want to know exactly why, go to the site and read the latest post.


After approx. 100 weekly posts, ASK A PUNK has found readers in 78 countries, and in all 50 US states. A big thank you to every one of my regular readers!

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