Yes, I’m still nightowl-ing it a bit these days (almost 4am here.) At least I can put insomnia to work for me and get a few weeks ahead on my LA Cartoon and Ask A Punk posts. As much as I DO enjoy my weekly blogging chores, I have also been working on plenty of other stuff was well. A few weeks ago I finished a 1st draft of a spec TV pilot, and while that cools off in the drawer for a few weeks, I have launched into a 1st draft of, of all things, a detective novel, and no, I have never written a book-length project before… so far I’ve got about 14,000 words…should be interesting. In addition to all that, last week was fairly busy/exciting as I had a short deadline to write & submit some material for what would be a kick-ass job, should I get it… The submissions got me a “meeting” and the meeting seemed to go well… Now I just have to wait until mid-August to find out if I got the gig. More details will follow if I do.

I spent the holiday weekend enjoying the good weather and good fortune that continues to keep me (and a lot of us) afloat in these anxious and difficult times. Let’s all try not to give in to apathy, fear or worse… We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we also have a lot to be proud of.