“Mid-to-Late August”

Still waiting to hear about that possible job while we wind down the Summer that never really was… It was cool and overcast for most of the day nearly every day and, so far anyway there hasn’t really been an “LA Heatwave” to speak of. We’re not completely out of the woods of course. I’ve experienced some pretty toasty Septembers and Octobers here. As with everything else these days, I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

Needless to say – if I’m opening a post with something as mundane as a weather report – well, things have been pretty quiet. Writing-wise – I have gotten some good work done and completed drafts of a couple of projects. I have been making my weekly deadlines for both of my blogs too. I have also been actively writing/putting together pieces for some upcoming staged reading shows …and if the good folks at WordPress would finally deliver on their promises to create a widget for an “Upcoming Events Calendar” I would be able to easily clue you all in to those… again: we shall see.

It might sound like I’m damning it with faint praise in this fairly listless Summer, but the highlight has easily been my improv teaching duties. “My” group of students have started their run in the Friday night “student show” and I couldn’t be prouder. They’ve also inspired me to start jumping up for some of the Alumni Jams … it is a new kind of pressure on-stage to know that your students are in the audience and watching verrrrrry closely to see if you can practice what you preach. Keeps you on your toes, no doubt about it.

I hope I have great news to report by the time I sit down to do another posting.

Saw this reminder on the pump last time I got gas…



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