50,000+ words… and then some.

… so now you know why I haven’t posted anything new to PlanetOC this month. I’ve been busy hammering out 50,000+ words and am glad to say that after three years of trying, I have finally completed the annual “National Novel Writing Month” challenge. What was the secret this year? Even more important than having more time to work on it, I was working from an outline. An outline people! Outlines work. Outlines keep your fingers moving… and they’re not written in stone either. You CAN detour away from your outline if the spirit moves you, but on those days when the spirit isn’t saying jacksh*t to ya, your outline is your one true & trusted friend. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

In addition to that little project I have also spent the month (re)polishing one of my feature comedy scripts for closer scrutiny by various “people.” I’ve also started work on a new podcasting project with a friend (still in the planning stages, no actual launch yet.)  I have been working away at the ‘Go Animate‘ stuff too, and of course I have also been meeting my weekly Ask A Punk and LA Cartoon deadlines (…sorry for all the self-referencing links.) I even helped edit some video projects for a friend. I don’t mean to sound smug about any of this, but I do admit to feeling a bit proud. We have to keep those internal & creative gears turning people !!


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