Happy Birthday Bettie Page

Today would have been Bettie Page’s 87th birthday. I’ve been a fan of hers since I’ve been a fan of women. I know that doesn’t make me at all unique… Her appeal (and cultural influence) had already spanned a couple of generations before I stumbled upon her iconic image and deliciously devious smile. What makes me a bit unusual is the fact that I once got to talk to her on the phone… an experience I chronicle in my weekly cartoon blog: ANOTHER LA CARTOON.

I was also invited to attend her private memorial service & funeral where, just like everyone else lucky enough to have an aisle seat, I spontaneously reached out to touch her casket as they rolled it out to her final resting place after the service was concluded. I  think it is fitting that she is buried in the same cemetery as (and actually just a few dozen feet from) Marilyn Monroe.

“I was never the girl next door.”

— Bettie Page


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