July = Digging Out & Digging In.

No point in denying it – Most of us are currently living through some tricky & difficult times. I know I have been. I have managed to keep myself plenty busy with my personal creative endeavors – sometimes probably trying to juggle too many ideas & outlets at one time – but they are the sorts of projects that give me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. While I’ve continued to hit my weekly (self-imposed) deadlines for Ask A Punk and Another LA Cartoon, I have also been hammering away on plenty of other fronts such as:

>> I’m in the middle of a 3rd draft on a spec feature screenplay.

>> I’ve continued to work on an animated cartoon idea that I’ve created from scratch – I write the scripts, voice some of the characters, create all the music & sound FX and even do all the animation myself… quite time-consuming, believe me. So far I have completed 3 episodes that have racked up a total of 90,000 views.

>> I have continued to write and perform essays all around Los Angeles, most recently at the Comedy Central Stage’s legendary “Sit n Spin” show. See it on my page at Funny or Die.

>> I have started a sporadic ‘twitter mystery’ …which, to be honest, I’m still trying to get a handle on.

>> I have continued to perform improv around town, and have been teaching it again when the opportunity presents itself.

>> I am helping my incredibly interesting friend June Shelley turn her autobiography into a one-woman show.

>> I am also trying to figure out how to make some videogames and interactive projects.

…so all that, along with helping other friends with their various creative projects, has been keeping me plenty busy, but it doesn’t exactly feed the bulldog. As I always say: Imagine how hard I would work if I was actually getting paid to do all this stuff…

I had a chance to prove that work ethic recently when I landed a “script adapting” job on a Japanese animated feature. In the past, I have had 5-7 days to complete similar gigs. In this case it was a rush job that needed to be turned around in just a weekend. Needless to say, it was a grind of a weekend, but the client liked the script and I think it turned out pretty well. They’re now in the process of recording my ‘adapted’ script with English-language actors and once they’re finished, I’m guessing it’ll be a direct-to-DVD release. The film is called: Legend of the Millennium Dragon. Look for it.  It is pretty cool. Meanwhile, I’ll be (as always) hustling for the next gig.

Legend of the Millennium Dragon

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