Used to the Muse.

By almost any standard, 2012 is off to a good start.

Creatively I was visited, and a bit roughed-up by, “The Muse” all through the month of January, and I’m not complaining about it. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not really a  touchy-feely, new-age guy, but I’m having trouble finding a rational explanation for what occurred. In less than 30 days after New Year’s Eve,  I managed to write – from blank screen to finished script – not one, but two “spec sitcom pilots” … a feat that would normally take me half a year. Odder still is the fact that these two scripts didn’t spring out of ideas I had been mulling around for a while etc. …no, they both came to me like they were being downloaded directly into my head. No kidding. It was an exhilarating and unfortunately very rare feeling. I simply couldn’t type fast enough to get it all down – and I can type hella-fast. This would only be bragging if I pretended I understood it and was trying to take credit for it. More than anything else – I’m just grateful for the experience when it happens. And yes, the scripts have started “going out” and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far… although no one has busted out their checkbook…. yet.

My January performance at Comedy Central’s “Sit n Spin” show went well. I hope to have the video posted to my Funny or Die page in a week or so. Looking forward on the calendar, I’ve booked a return engagement at the PEZ Show, Alex Alexander’s great ‘readings’ show at the Actor’s Comedy Studio, and I’ve submitted material to a couple of other shows on new (for me) stages. Will keep you posted on all that… and keep an eye on my “Performance Calendar” over here on the right –>

And last/not least:  I’ll be teaching a new “level 2” improv class at Bang starting next week which I’m sure will be the fun highlight of my week for the next 2 months… I just have to make sure it is equally fun for the students.


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