Dawn of a new day.

This is what dawn looks like from my front door.

I’ve always been a nightowl. Even as a child, I preferred to stay up late and sleep in. I know this isn’t at all uncommon, especially for Americans. Lately though, my nightowly ways seem to have magically shifted and I find myself waking up before the alarm on a shockingly regular basis. I promise you this was not planned… but I have grown to like it. Stranger still, I find myself able to really focus and write in these early-morning hours, before coffee, before checking email and facebook etc. It is almost like discovering a new muscle. I’m not quite ready to start strapping on my sneakers for early AM runs just yet… but who knows?

Creative work has been going well, even if I haven’t gotten around to posting about it lately.

  • I’m five weeks in to teaching an improv class at bang. At our theater ‘level 2’ is all about “characters” – how to create them instantly and how to (hopefully) hang on to them for the duration of a scene, or even for an entire long-form set. I love teaching this stuff because I’m not an improvisor who creates a lot of big or cartoonish characters… but even “small” characters are insanely important to a good scene or set… more important than any “plot” or “conflict” you could come up with. Create a person with a point-of-view or a consistent attitude/worldview and trust me: The “plot” will take care of itself.
  • So far this calendar year, I’ve written two spec sitcom pilots and outlined two new comedy feature ideas. That would be bragging if I felt like I could take credit for any of it. I honestly don’t know where all this output is coming from. In fact, I’m afraid to over-think it, for fear it might evaporate…. so that sound you hear is me typing as much as possible, as fast as possible.
  • Still booking shows and doing readings around Los Angeles every chance I get. This Friday I’ll be returning to The PEZ Show at Actor’s Comedy Studio. A great show in an awesome little space. Some other shows are in the process of being booked for April and May. Stay tuned for those.

I sense that some positive and long-awaited changes are coming. Can you feel it?


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Writer / Comedian / Instigator / Filmmaker / WGAw / left-handed guitarist / "retired" punk rocker

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