In a rare treat for this writer and generally behind-the-scenes and/or behind-the-camera guy, a short comedy I did a cameo in made it through to the finals in this year’s “Scripted Comedy Festival” at Hollywood’s own iO West (that stands for “Improv Olympic” for you non-comedy-nerds.) We’ll see how it does in the final showdown this Saturday night, but it is always fun to work with friends, see the results on screen and hear strangers laugh. It is pretty much what we live for. I’ll post the link as soon as the competition is over.

In other news, things over at Blunt Farce are heating up – in spite of the lack of new posts. The animated cartoons are getting some renewed interest and we’re working on aligning the stars for the new podcasting venture – which is way trickier than you might expect.   …and NO, that is not me in the picture, wise ass.