Tom Place

needs a title.

I don’t tend to complain, really I don’t… but I’m feeling ridiculously snake-bit lately. Last week my ol’ faithful laptop finally gave up the ghost (see previous post) but hey ! …no big deal because I’m a devoted backer-uper of my files… always moving them from laptop to my desktop machine, keeping everything up-to-date and with extra copies. Aren’t I smart?

…so imagine how I felt today when I discovered that my external backup drive is now “corrupted” …what? How is that even possible? I’m not even sure what I might have lost now. It is a pain-in-the-ass way to end any day. I know bigger catastrophes than a crashed hard drive happened to hundreds of millions of people today… I’m just saying it is a drag, especially when funds are low and data is useful/necessary in pursuit of new gigs. dang it.

Oh well. Here’s a new Tom-related photo.


More contest news.

As I’m getting geared up for the trip to Seattle on Feb 7th, to see ‘The Tiny Spaceship‘ on the big screen in a film competition, I just got word that my comedy feature script “ROCK HARD, BIG DICK’S” is a finalist in the Canadian International Film Festival screenwriting competition. Their festival is happening on the same weekend… but in Vancouver BC… hmmmm so that might turn out to be a verrrry busy weekend. I’ll post more details as I get them.

No food-related pics this time, but hey, here’s a favorite pic from last year’s trip to Ireland…. ahhhh…


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