November News

October was an admittedly slow month. I got a lot of work done but didn’t have much to really report. A lot of writing and some progress on various projects via Blunt Farce etc… but November is already shaping up to be a different animal altogether.

Actually have a couple “meetings” scheduled, a few of which have taken a while to get.  I have also already booked two shows on new (for me) stages. You can find full details/addresses by clicking on the “upcoming shows” tab to the right, but here are the basics:

At 7:30 pm on Friday November 5th I’ll be doing the first ever “Word Salad” show at the “Paper or Plastik Cafe.” This should be a great night with some of my favorite storytellers, and (apparently) free baked goods, all for five dollars.

Then at 8pm on Thursday November 18th I’ll be reading a story at “Literally Funny.” at “The Last Bookstore.” I’m really thrilled to get the chance to be in this show – a fairly high-profile weekly ‘readings’ show that was named “Best of LA”  in the annual special issue of the “LA Weekly.” …so I better bring the funny.

This year will definitely be ending on a high creative note.


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