New Year = Different Year.

As predicted in my last post, 2011 has already proven to be a very different kind of year. I’m not alone in thinking that things have turned a corner (in a good way) both personally and professionally. So far in 2011 I have moved across town to a new, and infinitely better location, I have had more meetings than I had in all of 2010 and I’m basically feeling good and I’m eager to see what comes next.

I have also finally gotten invited back to do the Sit-n-Spin show at the Comedy Central Stage. Since they book months in advance, I don’t have an exact show date yet, but the new producers contacted me and approved one of my submissions. I am thrilled. It is a great show, run by great people, in a great theater. I know it might sound a bit ‘Hollywood-y’ to say that sort of stuff, but in this case it happens to be true.

In other news: I forgot to mention that Ask A Punk turned three years old back in January, a milestone for any blog. Ask A Punk and my LA Cartoon blogs are now both ‘top hits’ in google searches too. Is that really a big deal? I honestly don’t know, but I think it is pretty cool.

Onward people!  Strange times call for action!

New Year

As cliche’ as it might seem, 2011 already feels like a whole different thing, doesn’t it? Will hopefully have some good, or at least interesting, news soon.

Meanwhile this is a pretty funny clip even though, obviously, he isn’t talking about me.

November News

October was an admittedly slow month. I got a lot of work done but didn’t have much to really report. A lot of writing and some progress on various projects via Blunt Farce etc… but November is already shaping up to be a different animal altogether.

Actually have a couple “meetings” scheduled, a few of which have taken a while to get.  I have also already booked two shows on new (for me) stages. You can find full details/addresses by clicking on the “upcoming shows” tab to the right, but here are the basics:

At 7:30 pm on Friday November 5th I’ll be doing the first ever “Word Salad” show at the “Paper or Plastik Cafe.” This should be a great night with some of my favorite storytellers, and (apparently) free baked goods, all for five dollars.

Then at 8pm on Thursday November 18th I’ll be reading a story at “Literally Funny.” at “The Last Bookstore.” I’m really thrilled to get the chance to be in this show – a fairly high-profile weekly ‘readings’ show that was named “Best of LA”  in the annual special issue of the “LA Weekly.” …so I better bring the funny.

This year will definitely be ending on a high creative note.

A Thrilling Start !

The first week of ZODIAC THRILLERS was a blast. A Sell-out crowd got to see four great improv sets from four great teams… but in the end VIRGO won and will advance to the ‘Night of Champions’ on Aug. 28th. Pre-sales for next week’s show are already going strong, so guarantee your seat (and save yourself 2 bucks) by buying in advance online. Where? at the BANG WEBSITE of course.

In other news: Should have a couple more bookings for ‘spoken word’ shows around town by the end of the month.


I have completed the outline for my next comedy feature and will begin hammering out the 1st draft on Monday. For the first time I won’t be using ‘Final Draft’ screenplay writing software… The copy on my laptop has become extremely buggy as of late… so I’ll be trying out Celtx instead. If you do your writing on a MAC, check this program out… it is free and so far it seems pretty stable (note: This was not a paid endorsement, just a report and observation.)

Episode 2 of Bud Fallbrook is in the production stage. I locked the script last week… ok so it is only a five page script…but at least it is locked. I’ll start recording the voices this weekend. Meanwhile I have started working on building new backgrounds and testing out some animation ideas.

I’m still working on shortening some of my various punk rock stories and spoken-word pieces so that I can try them out on some local stages that have strict “5 minutes or less” time limits… That works out to about 700 words max… which, for me, is practically a haiku…. but it is a good challenge.

This week I put up the 100th “Ask A Punk” post… I know I recently put up a big self-congratulatory “2 year anniversary” post… but I thought it was/is worth noting.

I have been getting a lot of good feedback lately on some of my other writing samples that have (finally) getting some good circulation around town… I’m excited to see what might happen next.

Stay Strong Everyone !

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