New Year = Different Year.

As predicted in my last post, 2011 has already proven to be a very different kind of year. I’m not alone in thinking that things have turned a corner (in a good way) both personally and professionally. So far in 2011 I have moved across town to a new, and infinitely better location, I haveContinue reading “New Year = Different Year.”

Jim Carroll, Robert Mitchum and the 103 Year Old Lady.

“There ain’t much time left, you’re born out of this insane abyss and you’re going to fall back into it, so while you’re alive you might as well show your bare ass.” —  Jim Carroll Just a few days ago I was in Northern California to attend the funeral of a woman who was justContinue reading “Jim Carroll, Robert Mitchum and the 103 Year Old Lady.”

When in doubt, check in with The Masters…

A guy I know recently posted this on his website. I post it here for the dual purposes of reminding myself of these principles and for spreading their genius. If any of you don’t know who Bill Hicks was, start googling immediately… BILL HICKS’ PRINCIPLES OF COMEDY 1. If you can be yourself on stageContinue reading “When in doubt, check in with The Masters…”