Yes, ok, I give in… I’m on Twitter now too.

I’m still not exactly sure how I’ll put it to use, but I promise I won’t bore people with the sort of “mmm I feel like more coffee” posts that drive ME insane. It certainly was nice to be able to go back and track audience reaction to “Tiny Spaceship” when it screened in Seattle.. I knew some of that tech-savvy crowd would be live-tweeting from the film festival… It was nice to see that feedback, AND be able to respond directly to some of it… This is the way to build a fanbase around nearly anything – a film, a TV show, a person etc. Maybe I’ll even use it to remind people that:

Wednesdays always mean a new Ask A Punk post,


Thursdays always mean a new LA CARTOON.

No news on my spec “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” I continue to wait and wonder as invisible wheels turn (we think)… but the sun is shining and I have an ipod full of punk rock to keep me busy, not to mention the fact that the water temperatures are warming up in SM bay….. cowabunga.



Surviving Saint Patrick.

Don’t get me started. With a name like mine (and a middle name of: “Patrick”) I get plenty of good-tidings wished my way on the 17th of March. I appreciate them all, even if all I did this year was watch THE QUIET MAN and go to bed early.

Little to report. I’m launching ‘The Tiny Spaceship’ off to several more film festivals this week after having such a good experience in Seattle. Writing-wise, another one of my contest-winning scripts “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” is finally getting some readers and fans around town… and no I won’t be posting it here any time soon – I’m trying to SELL this one.

and folks have been clamoring so – here’s another “Tom or O’Connor” …or both picture… taken in my grandfather’s hometown of Dingle, Co. Kerry.


End of the Month

A fast February wrapped up with visits to some post-production offices and much discussion of AVID workflows etc. Also finally got my youtube channel connected and working… as soon as I start posting stuff on there, you’ll hear about it on here.

This weekend I’ll be wrestling with ‘’ submitting ‘The Tiny Spaceship’ to a few more festivals. Next week: more meetings.

And more cartoons! The fast spread of my ‘Another LA Cartoon’ blog continues to surprise me.

After the awards shows.

Well, I didn’t win any Oscars this year, but at least I didn’t win any Razzies either… that is always a plus. I’ve been brushing up my video editing chops and will soon (and finally) be putting SOMEthing up on my Blunt Farce youtube page… exactly what I’ll be putting up, I’m still not sure.

Meanwhile, the blogs continue to attract their audiences. Following the advice of some more widely read blogger-folks I am now consistantly putting up a new Ask A Punk post every WEDNESDAY and a new “Another LA Cartoon” every Thursday… but I have also been motivated to put up some “Special Editions” of ALAC when the spirit moves me, or when I capture something timely with my camera – such as the just posted special ” Jonas Brothers ” edition…


Mid-Month media.

Not much to report in this quiet pre-dawn monday, but there are some bits of news.


I discovered AFTER returning to Los Angeles that THE TINY SPACESHIP was featured in the Seattle Weekly’s short preview of the festival. That was pretty cool.

It is official – My new cartoon blog ANOTHER LA CARTOON is taking off far faster than my painstakingly nurtured Ask A Punk advice blog has. Even though it still isn’t popping up on search engines as high as I would like, word is spreading and I’m getting good feedback. I’m trying to post once per week, but at the moment I have an additional special & unexpected “Celebrity Edition” up featuring Oliver Stone.

It also seems that my “Tom” or “O’Connor”-themed photos are catching on… people are submitting pics to me now! Here’s a pic that just came in from one of my writer pals…


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