Back from Seattle

Just got back from the Weekend in Seattle. Saw The Tiny Spaceship on the biiiig screen for the first time, and in front of a sellout crowd of 800 great Sci-Fi & Fantasy fans. They laughed in all the right places, and I only wish that everyone who had helped and worked so hard on the film with me could have been there to see it. I WILL be posting a (poorly framed) video I shot of the screening, that’ll give you all some idea… but it won’t really capture the good feeling. Everyone in Seattle was great & kind.

Seattle was great in ALL respects. The people were outstanding, the weather was BRISK but better than what we left behind in SoCal… and yes there was great coffee everywhere. That town is now at the top of my list of “Places to visit again.”


Seattle Bound.


Very excited about this weekend’s trip to Seattle for the shorts festival… but never fear, before taking off, I have put up a new Ask A Punk post AND I’ve put up the next installment of Another L.A. Cartoon. Interestingly enough, the new “cartoon blog” is taking off, and after just a week on the web it has nearly as many links and readers as Ask A Punk has managed to accumulate in a year… so welcome and thanks to all the new readers.


Another week… another blog launch.

Gearing up for next week’s trip to Seattle to see The Tiny Spaceship on the big screen! Meanwhile I’ve been roaming around Los Angeles visiting long-neglected friends and, of course, looking for the next gig…

And of course I’ve been keeping busy at the computer. Take a gander at my new ‘cartoon blog’: Another LA Cartoon.

…and what would a post be without a new “O’Connor” pic?


WGA and wigging out.

I had some almost-scary computer challenges this past week, but I managed to: A) Fix some issues on this site and B) give ASK A PUNK a nice little make-over to commemorate the One-year anniversary… so please click on over and check it out… maybe even ask a question.

Also last week, I attended the “New Member’s Buffet” welcoming dinner at the WGAw. It was nice. We watched a video of the guild’s proud history and then ate & drank and compared pens (I’m not kidding.)

Tomorrow is, of course, a big fat historical day for our country. I’ll be tuned in just like everyone else.

More contest news.

As I’m getting geared up for the trip to Seattle on Feb 7th, to see ‘The Tiny Spaceship‘ on the big screen in a film competition, I just got word that my comedy feature script “ROCK HARD, BIG DICK’S” is a finalist in the Canadian International Film Festival screenwriting competition. Their festival is happening on the same weekend… but in Vancouver BC… hmmmm so that might turn out to be a verrrry busy weekend. I’ll post more details as I get them.

No food-related pics this time, but hey, here’s a favorite pic from last year’s trip to Ireland…. ahhhh…


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