September News & Comment.

Greetings. In an effort to (for once) not bury the lead, I’ll let everyone know that the big news is this: One of my scripts  has “advanced” through the competition in the Austin Film Festival’s top-notch screenwriting contest. My submission in the “Original Sitcom Pilot” category made it into the top 10% of entries (out of nearly 6000) which is, apparently, a big enough deal to land me an invitation to the festival along with some “special access.” Who can say no to special access? …so I’m now mapping out a late-October trip to Texas, my first-ever visit to the Lone Star State. And since I’m being a bit self-aggrandizing with all this, I’ll mention just one more thing: The script that did so well in this contest is a different “sitcom pilot” than the one that was a ‘finalist’ in the LA Comedy Shorts screenwriting competition last Spring… so that’s two respectable showings for two separate scripts in just a few months. Not bad, and I’ll take it… sooner or later, people are going to notice these sorts of things.

More than telling the world or blowing my own horn, the preceding paragraph was mostly written for my own benefit – I sometimes need to remind myself that I do know what I’m doing when I sit down at the keyboard. Lately I’ve been wrestling with a 3rd draft of a script that just isn’t working… and it seems that the universe itself is telling me that this particular idea/script just isn’t going to come together in a satisfactory way. These things happen of course, but they can really take the wind out of a guy’s sails… but we keep typing/rowing until the wind finally picks up again to launch us in new directions.

And finally: Check out the calendar of upcoming shows (to the right –>)

I’ve got another reading/essay show coming up on Friday 9/30 and I’m very psyched for it. Come on by if you’re in LA (but call ahead, this show sells out every time.)

Festival wrap-up.

I’m pretty tired after four days and nights of screenings, panels & parties. I missed out on a lot of sleep, but I saw some great & funny short films, met some really nice & hilarious people, ran into some old friends and ate an assortment of good meats served on a variety of skewers. What’s not to like? Answering the big question: I didn’t win my category, but I’m very pleased with my ‘Top 3’ finish and I’m hoping it will generate some interest in this half-hour pilot script (“Morley & Leslie”) that I’m very proud of.

…and now, as I said on Facebook, I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow I’ll be back at my desk – writing.

December Lull ??

Here in Los Angeles “The Holidays” is an unavoidably slow time of year. From approximately Nov 15th to Jan 4th, when it comes to trying to do (creative) business,  the first sentence on everyone’s lips is: “Let’s talk about this after The Holidays.”

It is easy to find this mindset annoying, especially when you’re trying to get things done, but that sort of angst is futile… better to just give in to the holiday vibe. Know in your heart that everyone is too distracted to focus on any old business and of course it being the “end of the year” no one has any budget left for new business.

So what do you do?

You use the time to work on your own projects and ideas free of the worry of looming deadlines or fast-approaching pitch meetings. It is a time to quietly GET STUFF DONE.

With that in mind I can tell you that I have been keeping myself plenty busy. I’m preparing an essay piece I’ve performed live a few times for possible inclusion in a book (sweet!) I’m hammering out a 2nd draft on the latest feature comedy spec,  and submitting scripts & short film stuff to some 2011 festivals. On the ‘Blunt Farce’ side of things, work is progressing on episode 3 of Bud Fallbrook, but since it is animation, it is painfully slow going.

…but there is little to complain about. We’ve all more-or-less survived another (rocky) year. This weekend I’ve got some holiday parties to attend that I know will be sweet affairs, populated by some of my favorite people in the world. We’ll talk about the year that was and our plans/hopes for the future and remind ourselves how blessed we are regardless of any obstacles or frustrations currently blocking the path to our dreams.

Happy & Safe Holidays to Everyone.

Satori Galore

Planet O’Connor continues to spin through the cosmos. It has been a busy and productive month even though there has been little fundamental or profound change. Thanks to the help of some key friends, my script “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” is finally “getting read” by some people who might actually matter…all while it is simultaneously winding its way through a couple more screenwriting contests… but there won’t be any news on the contest results until well into the new year.

This past month has also found me happily collaborating with some creative pals on various projects (large and small) of theirs… which always makes me feel useful and also more connected to the creative realms.

I have also been working on new stories and material for ‘live’ shows and am hoping I’ll get invited to do another ‘Sit n Spin’ show in 2010, while also getting onto a couple of new stages. …as always it is all about saying “yes” to whatever the universe might put in front of you and always being open and ready for whatever bits of enlightenment might come next. Sounds a bit corny, I know…. but that doesn’t make it any less true. Also coming soon: I am gathering data for the upcoming (in early January) “2nd anniversary post” for ASK A PUNK….

The latest news. NOT about swine flu.

Found out today that my comedy script “Rock Hard, Big Dick’s” has once again risen to the top… well, nearly to the top. It is a ‘finalist’ in yet another Canadian writing contest… hmmm, maybe they just “get” me there. I think this is the sixth time this script has made it to the last round of a competition.

Ok, I lied. I have to say something about this Swine Flu: Everyone has to calm down.

HERE is a good sign for our times:


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