The New Creative World Order.

As 2010 starts I have been plugging away as usual – Doing a lot of writing, finishing some projects, starting others, abandoning some of them (hopefully temporarily) etc. I have been plugging the Bud Fallbrook cartoon that I launched on Blunt Farce and I have been angling to get on some new stages to tell my comedy and punk-rock stories. As I said, just moving along, pushing the ball a few yards downfield and basically just doing what we all should be doing, that is: Creating more stuff and not asking for or waiting for permission… just doing it.

I’m not going to pretend this makes me unique. Every week I get emails and IMs from my talented and creative friends linking me to THEIR latest written and/or videotaped works. I am always inspired by this. It is further proof that the old way of doing things is dead. Sure, we all want to get paid (or paid more) for the things we create,  but we no longer have to wait for someone else to grant us a platform… We can (and must) create it for ourselves.  So please, feast your eyes/ears on some of the great stuff I’ve been WATCHING lately…. Work from my creative friends as they flex their artistic wings and search out their audience or demographic niche or whatever they’re calling it these days.

The WISE GUYS… Character comedy and NFL insights.

The Stalker Chronicles – Sweet Sinister Surrealism.

A little bit of everything from the CacklePops

Super Duper Character comedy from The Karen Show

That is just some of it.  There is more to come. I still enjoy watching TV but I can’t remember the last time I channel-searched my cable looking for something capital-N “New”   …. it is all on the web now, wating to be discovered… and as soon as I get a web-enabled TV, it’ll be even easier to watch.


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