I have completed the outline for my next comedy feature and will begin hammering out the 1st draft on Monday. For the first time I won’t be using ‘Final Draft’ screenplay writing software… The copy on my laptop has become extremely buggy as of late… so I’ll be trying out Celtx instead. If you do your writing on a MAC, check this program out… it is free and so far it seems pretty stable (note: This was not a paid endorsement, just a report and observation.)

Episode 2 of Bud Fallbrook is in the production stage. I locked the script last week… ok so it is only a five page script…but at least it is locked. I’ll start recording the voices this weekend. Meanwhile I have started working on building new backgrounds and testing out some animation ideas.

I’m still working on shortening some of my various punk rock stories and spoken-word pieces so that I can try them out on some local stages that have strict “5 minutes or less” time limits… That works out to about 700 words max… which, for me, is practically a haiku…. but it is a good challenge.

This week I put up the 100th “Ask A Punk” post… I know I recently put up a big self-congratulatory “2 year anniversary” post… but I thought it was/is worth noting.

I have been getting a lot of good feedback lately on some of my other writing samples that have (finally) getting some good circulation around town… I’m excited to see what might happen next.

Stay Strong Everyone !


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