September News & Comment.

Greetings. In an effort to (for once) not bury the lead, I’ll let everyone know that the big news is this: One of my scripts  has “advanced” through the competition in the Austin Film Festival’s top-notch screenwriting contest. My submission in the “Original Sitcom Pilot” category made it into the top 10% of entries (outContinue reading “September News & Comment.”

December Lull ??

Here in Los Angeles “The Holidays” is an unavoidably slow time of year. From approximately Nov 15th to Jan 4th, when it comes to trying to do (creative) business,  the first sentence on everyone’s lips is: “Let’s talk about this after The Holidays.” It is easy to find this mindset annoying, especially when you’re tryingContinue reading “December Lull ??”

A Thrilling Start !

The first week of ZODIAC THRILLERS was a blast. A Sell-out crowd got to see four great improv sets from four great teams… but in the end VIRGO won and will advance to the ‘Night of Champions’ on Aug. 28th. Pre-sales for next week’s show are already going strong, so guarantee your seat (and saveContinue reading “A Thrilling Start !”

The New Creative World Order.

As 2010 starts I have been plugging away as usual – Doing a lot of writing, finishing some projects, starting others, abandoning some of them (hopefully temporarily) etc. I have been plugging the Bud Fallbrook cartoon that I launched on Blunt Farce and I have been angling to get on some new stages to tellContinue reading “The New Creative World Order.”