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Festival wrap-up.

I’m pretty tired after four days and nights of screenings, panels & parties. I missed out on a lot of sleep, but I saw some great & funny short films, met some really nice & hilarious people, ran into some old friends and ate an assortment of good meats served on a variety of skewers. What’s not to like? Answering the big question: I didn’t win my category, but I’m very pleased with my ‘Top 3’ finish and I’m hoping it will generate some interest in this half-hour pilot script (“Morley & Leslie”) that I’m very proud of.

…and now, as I said on Facebook, I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow I’ll be back at my desk – writing.

December Lull ??

Here in Los Angeles “The Holidays” is an unavoidably slow time of year. From approximately Nov 15th to Jan 4th, when it comes to trying to do (creative) business,  the first sentence on everyone’s lips is: “Let’s talk about this after The Holidays.”

It is easy to find this mindset annoying, especially when you’re trying to get things done, but that sort of angst is futile… better to just give in to the holiday vibe. Know in your heart that everyone is too distracted to focus on any old business and of course it being the “end of the year” no one has any budget left for new business.

So what do you do?

You use the time to work on your own projects and ideas free of the worry of looming deadlines or fast-approaching pitch meetings. It is a time to quietly GET STUFF DONE.

With that in mind I can tell you that I have been keeping myself plenty busy. I’m preparing an essay piece I’ve performed live a few times for possible inclusion in a book (sweet!) I’m hammering out a 2nd draft on the latest feature comedy spec,  and submitting scripts & short film stuff to some 2011 festivals. On the ‘Blunt Farce’ side of things, work is progressing on episode 3 of Bud Fallbrook, but since it is animation, it is painfully slow going.

…but there is little to complain about. We’ve all more-or-less survived another (rocky) year. This weekend I’ve got some holiday parties to attend that I know will be sweet affairs, populated by some of my favorite people in the world. We’ll talk about the year that was and our plans/hopes for the future and remind ourselves how blessed we are regardless of any obstacles or frustrations currently blocking the path to our dreams.

Happy & Safe Holidays to Everyone.

A Thrilling Start !

The first week of ZODIAC THRILLERS was a blast. A Sell-out crowd got to see four great improv sets from four great teams… but in the end VIRGO won and will advance to the ‘Night of Champions’ on Aug. 28th. Pre-sales for next week’s show are already going strong, so guarantee your seat (and save yourself 2 bucks) by buying in advance online. Where? at the BANG WEBSITE of course.

In other news: Should have a couple more bookings for ‘spoken word’ shows around town by the end of the month.

The New Creative World Order.

As 2010 starts I have been plugging away as usual – Doing a lot of writing, finishing some projects, starting others, abandoning some of them (hopefully temporarily) etc. I have been plugging the Bud Fallbrook cartoon that I launched on Blunt Farce and I have been angling to get on some new stages to tell my comedy and punk-rock stories. As I said, just moving along, pushing the ball a few yards downfield and basically just doing what we all should be doing, that is: Creating more stuff and not asking for or waiting for permission… just doing it.

I’m not going to pretend this makes me unique. Every week I get emails and IMs from my talented and creative friends linking me to THEIR latest written and/or videotaped works. I am always inspired by this. It is further proof that the old way of doing things is dead. Sure, we all want to get paid (or paid more) for the things we create,  but we no longer have to wait for someone else to grant us a platform… We can (and must) create it for ourselves.  So please, feast your eyes/ears on some of the great stuff I’ve been WATCHING lately…. Work from my creative friends as they flex their artistic wings and search out their audience or demographic niche or whatever they’re calling it these days.

The WISE GUYS… Character comedy and NFL insights.

The Stalker Chronicles – Sweet Sinister Surrealism.

A little bit of everything from the CacklePops

Super Duper Character comedy from The Karen Show

That is just some of it.  There is more to come. I still enjoy watching TV but I can’t remember the last time I channel-searched my cable looking for something capital-N “New”   …. it is all on the web now, wating to be discovered… and as soon as I get a web-enabled TV, it’ll be even easier to watch.

50,000+ words… and then some.

… so now you know why I haven’t posted anything new to PlanetOC this month. I’ve been busy hammering out 50,000+ words and am glad to say that after three years of trying, I have finally completed the annual “National Novel Writing Month” challenge. What was the secret this year? Even more important than having more time to work on it, I was working from an outline. An outline people! Outlines work. Outlines keep your fingers moving… and they’re not written in stone either. You CAN detour away from your outline if the spirit moves you, but on those days when the spirit isn’t saying jacksh*t to ya, your outline is your one true & trusted friend. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

In addition to that little project I have also spent the month (re)polishing one of my feature comedy scripts for closer scrutiny by various “people.” I’ve also started work on a new podcasting project with a friend (still in the planning stages, no actual launch yet.)  I have been working away at the ‘Go Animate‘ stuff too, and of course I have also been meeting my weekly Ask A Punk and LA Cartoon deadlines (…sorry for all the self-referencing links.) I even helped edit some video projects for a friend. I don’t mean to sound smug about any of this, but I do admit to feeling a bit proud. We have to keep those internal & creative gears turning people !!

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