50,000+ words… and then some.

… so now you know why I haven’t posted anything new to PlanetOC this month. I’ve been busy hammering out 50,000+ words and am glad to say that after three years of trying, I have finally completed the annual “National Novel Writing Month” challenge. What was the secret this year? Even more important than havingContinue reading “50,000+ words… and then some.”

September 1st. A new month and new business.

…at 8:00pm on Thursday September 10th I’ll be reading one of my punk rock stories at the monthly “Sit and Spin” show at the Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson Theater. This is a FREE show people… In this troubled economy you can’t do better than that – a bunch of funny folks reading someContinue reading “September 1st. A new month and new business.”

When in doubt, check in with The Masters…

A guy I know recently posted this on his website. I post it here for the dual purposes of reminding myself of these principles and for spreading their genius. If any of you don’t know who Bill Hicks was, start googling immediately… BILL HICKS’ PRINCIPLES OF COMEDY 1. If you can be yourself on stageContinue reading “When in doubt, check in with The Masters…”

Holiday weekend – extended version.

Yes, I’m still nightowl-ing it a bit these days (almost 4am here.) At least I can put insomnia to work for me and get a few weeks ahead on my LA Cartoon and Ask A Punk posts. As much as I DO enjoy my weekly blogging chores, I have also been working on plenty ofContinue reading “Holiday weekend – extended version.”